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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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Why do Windows users even CARE about Macs?
by Kai Cherry on Mon 7th Jul 2003 17:43 UTC

I cannot for the life of me figure this out.

I also cannot figure out why if I tell someone that is patiently explaining a problem to me on a Win32 machine, and the myriad steps they take to attempt resolution, before we dive in and work it out I say:

"Oh. Ok, well on my Powerbook I just do this: (1-2 steps)"

I'm greeted with anger.

Look, you guys with Windows have "won" OK? We get it...there are more of you.

HOWEVER, there is another side to all of thie pissing and moaning that needs to be considered and I wish to GOD someone would point this out:

Not everyone likes Windows ;) It has use issues that cannot be objectively ignored...*at any price*.

I mean honestly. Why does it always come down to "I can part one together for $XXX" or "I can go to walmart and grab a box for $YYY"...

If the epitome of computing is to be "how inexpensively" it can be done isntead of "how well" then what is hell is all the rikita-rakita about?

I also want to come out and state that I find this whole "rich people" thing offensive as well, because I know I for one am not by any stretch of the imagination some "rich person" with the "mentality of a 12 year old" that is "easily duped" by Steve Jobs.

The fact of the matter is, Windows PC's are "good enough" plain and simple. If you can pop a CD in it, move a mouse, see the screen, type, etc, then for most peoples and most uses they are JUST FINE.

As a Mac user, I came to this conclusion long ago, and Mr. "Correcting MudSlinging" is in fact a RELIC people of the days of Joe Ragosta and The Stomping Usenet Mac Mafia.

No one gives a RAT's ASS about FUD correction; all it does is fan the flames.

Its not "FUD" to Windows users with a vested interest in the Win32 Platform; its the truth, as they see it.

Same on the Mac side. There are folks that have NO END of problems using MacOS X, and most of them are former MacOS *9* users that think (no surprise here) that they know more than the combined Engineering, Marketing and Research arms of Apple combined about how the thing "ought" to work.

To state that Macs are "painless" in virtually all instances is as ridiculous as the "MACs suck because they are too expensive and have no software. They are slow and MAC users are all elitist snobs" nonsense.

If you can't be *honest* about the shortcomings of your platform of choice *as seen thru the eyes of others* than you are indeed a fanactic.

Regardless of platform.