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FreeBSD Most tech savvy geeks can work their way through a FreeBSD install, even if they have no prior UNIX experience. However installing an OS and configuring an OS are two totally different things. This article is targeted towards anyone who might be wondering about FreeBSD, but doesn't know what to do with it after they install it. This isn't then end-all be-all of FreeBSD howto's. Just some of the simple stuff. Update: Some of the readers of OSNews have emailed me concerning corrections that need to be made in this article. Dig in (third page) for more.
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sysinstall is a great example
by mra on Wed 20th Mar 2002 00:06 UTC

from `man sysinstall`

This utility is a prototype which lasted several years past its expiration date and is greatly in need of death.


This version of sysinstall first appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.

The FreeBSD people are aware of these sort of user issues. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer that they spend their time making the network stack faster then making the install easier, but I think people are justified in saying that the install and update procedures are too difficult in FreeBSD.