Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Wed 9th Jul 2003 16:43 UTC
Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y This article started life when I was asked to write a comparison of x86 and PowerPC CPUs for work. We produce PowerPC based systems and are often asked why we use PowerPC CPUs instead of x86 so a comparison is rather useful. While I have had an interest in CPUs for quite some time but I have never explored this issue in any detail so writing the document proved an interesting exercise. I thought my conclusions would be of interest to OSNews readers so I've done more research and written this new, rather more detailed article. This article is concerned with the technical differences between the families not the market differences.
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He's not writing a book
by stingerman on Wed 9th Jul 2003 20:08 UTC

How much do you want him to cover in a short article. He hit on the salient points, we all understood what he meant. Great article, easy for even the lay person to understand the gist of it and feel intellectually satisfied.

By the way my OS X is automatically spell checking everything I type in this form and actually allows me to context switch to the right spelling. It is so cool!

One more thing, Apple provides its developer a very nice vector library that will automatically downgrade to scalar if a vector unit is not present. It will even optimize between the different generations of vector units (its called veclib.) But Apple chose not to use its Veclib in the Spec test. Vector Unit vs Vector unit Apple wins hands down, so get off justifying ICC's auto-vectorization. No one uses ICC anyway unless your an intel engineer or obscure developer. We use VS or Borland in the Wintel world. ICC is mainly used for benchmarking.