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Original OSNews Interviews Wil Wheaton is not like most of the rest of the actors. He admits that he is a true geek, running Linux, enjoying programming, playing lots of computer games. Many of you will remember Wil portraying "Wesley Crusher" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series some years ago. Wil will reprise his role as Wesley in the "Star Trek X: Nemesis" movie, the tenth installment of the Star Trek movies, which is set to be released two days after the second "Lord of the Rings" movie, at the end of this year. In the interview following, Wil talks about his favorite computer games, the computers used on TNG, the future of computing in AI, his favorite Linux distros, PHP and more.
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Is this an open mind?
by Altair_8800 on Wed 20th Mar 2002 22:09 UTC

URGENT! Please come to Cincinnati Sunday, April 7, the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of Timothy Thomas. We are under assault by a police department run amok. Your voice and resistance


Teach-in on political prisoners in the US, prison-industrial complex

Show your support for the best politician ever, Stockwell Day, while you meet with all your right-wing, gun-loving, gay- hating, racist amigos. Be there or be normal.

On Friday, March 1, 2002 activists from the A.C.D.P.A, Homes Not Jails, the Anti- Capitalist Convergence, the Mobilization for Global Justice, School of the Americas Watch, the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House and others engaged in a Critical Mass Bike Ride through the United States Capital to express solidarity with the people of Colombia and Ecuador and their outrage against the US sponsored civilian targeted warfare in the Andean region in Latin America.

Wil, you looked like a cool guy, that "comunist" shit of yours is very very sad. Get smart.