Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 8th Oct 2001 16:15 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Matt Dillon, not the famous actor but the kernel/VM FreeBSD hacker also well known for writting the Dice C compiler for the Amiga, is here with us today for an in-depth interview about everything regarding FreeBSD 5.0. This is the OS that all the techie people are waiting for and presenting it as the most advanced, technically-speaking, free OS of today. Additionally, we also include two mini interviews with Theo de Raadt, the OpenBSD founder, and Jun-ichiro "itojun" Hagino from the NetBSD Core Team.
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by Manfred Morgner on Wed 10th Oct 2001 07:46 UTC

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux for some time now, and there are lots of properties that I love and - I depend on. The main point for me is the really easy way for updating/upgrading of the system and installing/removing of software packages. Some month ago, I played with BSD and found it really amazing. It is ultrafast, stable, supports lots of devices and son on. Really great! But I'm a simple developer and I'm not interested in to know system administration and all related tasks as more as neccessary. As we all know, security is the primer problem of us netpeoples. And installing security patches is a important thing. In Debian it is a simple commend line to install updated software on my gateway/firewall. What is to do in the same case in FreeBSD?