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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y This article started life when I was asked to write a comparison of x86 and PowerPC CPUs for work. We produce PowerPC based systems and are often asked why we use PowerPC CPUs instead of x86 so a comparison is rather useful. While I have had an interest in CPUs for quite some time but I have never explored this issue in any detail so writing the document proved an interesting exercise. I thought my conclusions would be of interest to OSNews readers so I've done more research and written this new, rather more detailed article. This article is concerned with the technical differences between the families not the market differences.
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RE: heh
by Pondo Sinatra on Thu 10th Jul 2003 17:56 UTC

"You ever wonder how much juice those hybrid or electric cars suck up? Are you aware that the lead acid from those batteries is sure to destroy the environment?"

You're right we're screwed either way. So why bother doing anything.

The real problem is that there's too many friggin people. We need a return to the good 'ol days when entire generations would get wiped out by war or disease. These modern conflicts just ain't cutting it.