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Original OSNews Interviews Matt Dillon, not the famous actor but the kernel/VM FreeBSD hacker also well known for writting the Dice C compiler for the Amiga, is here with us today for an in-depth interview about everything regarding FreeBSD 5.0. This is the OS that all the techie people are waiting for and presenting it as the most advanced, technically-speaking, free OS of today. Additionally, we also include two mini interviews with Theo de Raadt, the OpenBSD founder, and Jun-ichiro "itojun" Hagino from the NetBSD Core Team.
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wow GREAT article - who'da known?
by SKULL CRUSHER on Wed 10th Oct 2001 12:05 UTC

Not only is Matt Dillon a great hacker, but his performance in Rumblefish and, of course, Drug Store Cowboy was great. Who'd have known that, like, he could have a totally successful movie career (with a few flops of course), and then go on to be some totally rad *bsd hacker! Awesome!@! I thought he was kinda silly in The Flamingo Kid, myself. But I am glad he is giving back to the open source community now. Check out some of his long list of works, if you don't believe me:,+Matt -Skull