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Original OSNews Interviews Wil Wheaton is not like most of the rest of the actors. He admits that he is a true geek, running Linux, enjoying programming, playing lots of computer games. Many of you will remember Wil portraying "Wesley Crusher" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series some years ago. Wil will reprise his role as Wesley in the "Star Trek X: Nemesis" movie, the tenth installment of the Star Trek movies, which is set to be released two days after the second "Lord of the Rings" movie, at the end of this year. In the interview following, Wil talks about his favorite computer games, the computers used on TNG, the future of computing in AI, his favorite Linux distros, PHP and more.
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Neo-Nazis, Communists and Wil
by Altair_8800 on Thu 21st Mar 2002 20:12 UTC

Neo-Nazis and Communists have more in common than you probably know, Joshs. They both share their hatred for Democracy, and try to avoid it with all kind of sundry pretexts. As Bill Clinton said, referring to the recent attacks: "They have made the United States their adversary precisely because of what we stand for and what we stand against."

One of the most known cases is the one of the all American communist guru Noam Chomsky. He has published in french neonazi magazines (in collaboration with Robert Faurisson, a furiously antisemitic nazi that explicitly denies the jewish holocaust), in the USA he likes to collaborate with the antisemitic Institute for Historical Review, and publishes with a famous neo-nazi related editorial, Noontide Press. "Mein Kampf", "White America", "International Jew", "Dachau: Reality and Myth", ..., "The Middle East Crisis and the Threat of Nuclear War" (by N. Chomsky). New books <a href="">here.

These extremist leftists like Chomsky and the ones at try to disguise themselves as 'libertarian socialists', seems like 'communist' is not hype and fancy anymore after The Wall felt. Take a look at and sincerely tell me that their *violent* rage against the free will of the American people and its elected institutions have anything to do with Democracy.

Wil Wheaton links on his website to, this is an interview about him, isn't it? He is suspect of supporting the worst, furiously violent totalitarian communism, this is not 'trendy' at all, it really worries me. I'm surprised, I honestly thought he was another kind of guy, one full of humor, tolerance and insight. I would like to know if he has any reason to support such communism.

I guess that, as Ian Stuart pointed out above, Wil doesn't really have a coherent totalitarian ideology, he might rather be on the young&rebel radical side. But he is already an adult with children, so he could try to explain his unexplainable link to communism.

Call it flame if you will, but America is under attack, Canada fortunately is not.