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Original OSNews Interviews Wil Wheaton is not like most of the rest of the actors. He admits that he is a true geek, running Linux, enjoying programming, playing lots of computer games. Many of you will remember Wil portraying "Wesley Crusher" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series some years ago. Wil will reprise his role as Wesley in the "Star Trek X: Nemesis" movie, the tenth installment of the Star Trek movies, which is set to be released two days after the second "Lord of the Rings" movie, at the end of this year. In the interview following, Wil talks about his favorite computer games, the computers used on TNG, the future of computing in AI, his favorite Linux distros, PHP and more.
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by Peter on Fri 22nd Mar 2002 14:29 UTC

Man, you're the one who needs to take a trip Columbia (along with your visit to the local union office to tell them what a bunch of bastards they are and how they're tearing apart the US). Why are there so many women fighters with the Colombian FARC? The whole thing stinks from FARC's relation with cocaine to the US sponsoring a totalitarian army. I would rather see FARC win because if you're on coke it's your own damn fault. To sponsor a totalitarian army in the hopes that things will turn out okay for the people of columbia is living in just as much a fantasy world as someone on the drugs that are supposedly the cause for our sponsorship.

Why don't you explain this fear of communism? You just look so fucking stupid. Judging by your writing you're not even a citizen of the US so WTF do you even know about anything? You think GWB is in office because the people of the United States wanted him there? You're so fucking WRONG, it could not be more untrue!

Look at this one, perfectly legit:

Sure there's questionable stuff on Protest.Net, but there are also many reasonable and just concerns expressed there. People with real issues that need attention need a place to express themselves and therefore Protest.Net is good.

Well anyway, it's not worth the effort, you've obviously got something to hide or you wouldn't be so scared in the first place. Either that or you really are just a lost sheep.