Linked by Mike Martin on Mon 14th Jul 2003 17:42 UTC
Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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I'm so glad I wasted my time reading that
by ChrisL on Mon 14th Jul 2003 19:23 UTC

Was there a coherent thought in there somewhere? I couldn't find one. It just seemed to be a meandering about through a bunch of different thoughts. I think anyone who's looking to actually try Linux out on their desktop will run away at a full sprint after reading this. It was confusing and useless. The table at the beginning is completely information-free. The list of things he can't do in windows includes "ugly fonts"... what the hell does that mean?

Could someone please edit these stories BEFORE they're posted? This is ridiculous.