Linked by Mike Martin on Mon 14th Jul 2003 17:42 UTC
Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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re: Just Because You Wish It ...
by Stephen Poole on Tue 15th Jul 2003 05:09 UTC

>Changing montior refresh rate on the fly with a GUI: >Great, we've finally got something Windows has had since >1995, but wait, we still can't change the resolution with >a GUI.

A perfect illustration of the differences between distributions, actually. In Mandrake and SuSE, you *can* change just about everything related to your video in a GUI (the Mandrake Control Center or YAST2).

One of the most dead-on comments I have EVER seen re: whether Linux is ready to challenge Windows on the desktop was from a guy who pointed out that Red Hat users are more likely to say no; users of Mandrake and SuSE are more likely to say YES.


Just my opinion.

(Mike, don't let 'em get you down. I agree with you, in the main.)