Linked by Mike Martin on Mon 14th Jul 2003 17:42 UTC
Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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RE: Paul Eggleton
by Archiesteel on Tue 15th Jul 2003 14:36 UTC

Great post! Very sensible and devoid of unnecessary zealotry.

And for those who think X is bloated because of its network abilities: if you don't use them, they won't take up memory and CPU cycles! Personally I think the latest versions of X are fine, and I love being able to turn any old Pentium 166 into a thin client running off of my newest server with XDMCP. Three people can be logged in at once and enjoy great performance (as long as one of them isn't playing RTCW... :-)