Linked by Mike Martin on Mon 14th Jul 2003 17:42 UTC
Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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Windows vs Linux, an opinion
by Jebus on Tue 15th Jul 2003 18:45 UTC

This has been said and I'm just gona say it again, although the boffins try to deny it Linux has short commings which are going to be very hard to address:
1. Multimedia - Soz to the linux fans but directx beats everything linux has to offer as for the various emulators and native ports out there, i choose to avoid them for some very basic reasons: Perofrmance, Why not just play 'em on Windows?
2. Development - VS.Net (Not 2003 the original works fine) is an excellent development suite which makes a laughting stock of everything Linux has to offer it is in short much more than the Linux development environments which seem to be nothing but a gloated text editor, with the ability to compile apps from a menu added. Then if its free stuff you want the .NET sdk is a free download, borland makes a command line version of there excellent compiler available, gcc is available for Windows in various flavours, activestate has an excellent freely avaliable perl distro availabel for download from there website if ur into that sorta thing, pyhons freely avialabel on windows, as is Java I'm able to run the latest version of the JDK + Eclipse for a brillaint freely avaliable development environment, most of this is of course avlable for Linux and has the added bonus that it comes packaged with most distro's instead of having to download it, however VS.Net is what makes me love windows for development so much.
3. Plug and play, i plug my device in windows detects it searches its driver database for the appropriate driver if its found it automatically installs it (I dont have to click a signle button, its just done), if not windows prompts me for the driver CD which will of course have been included with the prodect and installation goes smovely from there, sorry linux may have more drivers come with the base installation however windows has by far the greater driver support, it was at lest 5 months after I purchased my radeon 9000 that Linux finally got driver support, not there fault but the reality is it doesn't matter whos fault it is, its an annoyance which exsists on the linux desktop. although to be fair most of my hardware works with linux, BTW i also think linux has a better TCP/IP stack than window seems to run slightly faster.
4. Security, In this catogory Linux is ahead of windows, by default it has a more secure 'culture' about it however I still have to run as root/have root privalleges to install software just like on windows, reality is the on linux i run as a user on windows i run as an administrator, i won't go into the ammount of viruses on windows although i will say it is a well known fact that many home virus scares are just STUPID users blaming soemthing else when there system goes wrong.
5. Office productivity suites, i think the fact that OpenOffice the premer office suite on linux is a project established with the aim of creating an MS Office clone sees it all, MS Office continues to set the bar in office productivity, nothing to debate here really the best the Linux fanatics have been able to come up with is OpenOffice can read MS Office files, wow! (note sarcasim).
6. Software installation, certainly linux software installation has the package manager, but so what great its a package manager i can uninstall/reinstall any windows app i want from the Add Remove Programs menu, on windwos i download a program which takes me through the installation steps and get my system configured exactly as i need it all automatically if i want i cant customize what parts i install (i haven't seen that using rpms/whatever u call the debian things), linux users may respond to this by saying that u can compile the app urself sorry no game that loses u points not gains them in my books, on windows i dont have to worry about dependinces either its all there with the default windows installation or as DLL's included with the app, linux on the other hand i do have to worry about dependinces which *CAN* be an annoyance, i found it was an annoyance under mandrake 9, redhat 9 is goo though, lastly its best we discuss debains central app system which is great i give debian full credit for that, however the various ftp netowrks and pages linke zdnet provide central program repositories for windows and i dont have to touch the command line.

In conclusion i think linux can't challenge windows, untill the fans accept that it has some BIG flaws and i still have to spend a long time getting things working under linux which just work under windows.