Linked by Mike Martin on Mon 14th Jul 2003 17:42 UTC
Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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RE: Windows vs Linux, an opinion
by Archiesteel on Tue 15th Jul 2003 20:21 UTC

Soz to the linux fans but directx beats everything linux has to offer as for the various emulators and native ports out there, i choose to avoid them for some very basic reasons: Perofrmance, Why not just play 'em on Windows?

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if it's playing movie files, you should know that MPlayer/Xine with Windows codecs actually provides better performance than Windows. (Yes, I'm talking about Sorenson QuickTime movies, as well as .asf, .wmv, etc.)

Development - VS.Net

.Net is a failure. Microsoft has admitted as much by pulling nearly all references to it from its marketing material.

MS Office continues to set the bar in office productivity, nothing to debate here really the best the Linux fanatics have been able to come up with is OpenOffice can read MS Office files, wow! (note sarcasim).

Reading MS Office files is essential for any Office replacement. But there is one definite advantage of using Star/OpenOffice over MS Office: price. But if you can't live without MS Office, you can always use it in Linux with Crossover Office.

linux on the other hand i do have to worry about dependinces which *CAN* be an annoyance, i found it was an annoyance under mandrake 9, redhat 9 is goo though, lastly its best we discuss debains central app system which is great i give debian full credit for that, however the various ftp netowrks and pages linke zdnet provide central program repositories for windows and i dont have to touch the command line.

With tools such as URPMI or RedCarpet dependencies are resolved automatically. Installation of programs is easier and faster than in Windows. You do not have to touch the command line as there are graphical tools available. And there are big software repositories you can use with those programs, they're just not on ZDNet...