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Original OSNews Interviews Wil Wheaton is not like most of the rest of the actors. He admits that he is a true geek, running Linux, enjoying programming, playing lots of computer games. Many of you will remember Wil portraying "Wesley Crusher" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series some years ago. Wil will reprise his role as Wesley in the "Star Trek X: Nemesis" movie, the tenth installment of the Star Trek movies, which is set to be released two days after the second "Lord of the Rings" movie, at the end of this year. In the interview following, Wil talks about his favorite computer games, the computers used on TNG, the future of computing in AI, his favorite Linux distros, PHP and more.
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by Peter Schultz on Sat 23rd Mar 2002 13:42 UTC

Your name says it all. If Clinton would have had a good enough excuse to attack, i.e. the WTC, then he would have done so. W is in office because the majority of Americans are unwilling to figure out who should be President and then to go vote for that person.

I guess I can't say that Pastrana isn't trying, I just disagree with the financing of the Colombian army or any other army than our own. Blowing the fuck out of FARC isn't helping anyone. I can't recall the exact figure but the percentage of women fighters is *very* high. These are some pissed off ladies. If we dumped so much money into developing more productive activities for these people to do they would have no reason to fight. Yesterday Bush said this is what he's going to do, and I hope he's serious.

When I heard Finland charged the CEO of Nokia over $100,000 for speeding, I applauded. Yeah, that's wildly expensive, but he still gets to have the finest of everything, so fuck him. The US should adopt this policy ASAP.