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OpenStep, GNUstep Every so often I have this urge (maybe more of an itch) to spend hours and hours on the web trying to find information about old, obsolete computers of the past. I am intrigued by the XEROX Alto and Star ('70s-'82), the Apple Lisa ('83) and, of course, CRAYs ('75-ish). These were revolutionary machines indeed, they wrote golden pages in the history of computing. In the end of the 1980s, a new innovative product was ready to ship, created by a bunch of people coming from Apple: The NeXT platform.
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Macintosh Application Environment
by Hanul on Wed 16th Jul 2003 09:02 UTC

I always wondered what happened to the MAE. The last version I know of is 3.0 (late 1996) and it emulated MacOS 7.5.3 under HP-UX and Solaris. You got a Finder window on your CDE desktop and could virtually run a lot of the 68k based Mac apps. You could even network with AppleTalk and MacTCP. In general it was the same idea like SoftPC, VMware or VirtualPC, only for the Mac environment. A always wanted to buy a copy, but I never see one on ebay. Maybe parts of the software found its way into MacOS X's classic environment. You can find a white paper about the MAE here: Screenshots (japanese website):