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Linux After reading yet another "why Linux is not ready for the desktop" article/discussion, I decided that, as someone who uses Linux exclusively at home, its about time I wrote my response to the attitudes expressed. I have been using Linux since January 1999 (Red Hat 5.2 off of a cover disc).
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RE: Windows vs Linux, an opinion
by Archiesteel on Wed 16th Jul 2003 16:51 UTC

I was talking about games, Which there are far far far more of on windows and they peroform better thanks to directx and better driver support, much better than when run on an emulation under linux and they have the advantage of just working ;)

Okay. Personnally, as a Game Designer, I mostly play on consoles. Games are usually less buggy (because they are developed on controlled platforms) and of better quality (higher budgets in general, lousy games are - in theory - not accepted by manufacturers).

The only games that suck on consoles (as opposed to PCs) are First-Person Shooters and Real-Time Strategies. As it happens, FPS is a genre where Linux shines: RTCW (including Enemy Territory), Unreal Tournament 2K3 and Quake 3 are all available Native on Linux. Other games, like Counter-Strike (my personal favorite) run extremely smoothly with WineX. They install smoothly (even more so now with the Point2Play installer). They "just work," to use your words - and they should, since most of the "work" is done by the video card, not the CPU or the application layer (remember, Wine is NOT emulation).

Of course reading MS Office files is an essential step however it certainly doesn't make OpenOffice and similar in anyway supperior to MS Office, which has a wonderful workflow,

Not sure what you mean by workflow, but OpenOffice does have an important advantage on MS Office: price. Not only is it free, but future upgrades will be free as well.

as for crossover office I'm sorry I don't see the point of spending more on a comercial product to run Office on Linux when it runs on Windows and naturally doesn't have to worry about the emulation layer

Considering that Crossover Office will also let you run Quicken, Quickbooks, Photoshop, Lotus Notes, IE, and so on, it's a pretty good investment if you already own the Windows apps. And, considering the fact that Crossover Office costs LESS than a brand-new Windows License, you're not actually spending more.

Oh, and you don't have to worry the "emulation layer" (which is not emulation at all). It just works. Flawlessly. The only little thing that nags me is that soft links (i.e. aliases for files and directories) in Linux FS are not recognized by apps running under Crossover Office - though the next (free if you've bought it) upgrade will perhaps solve that! Other than that it is flawless...and actually more stable than some of the "Office on Windows" experiences I've been through!

I use the package managers which come with my distro of choice (Mandrake/Redhat) and I have experinced dependincy problems on Mandrake, I have never experienced that on Windows

Do you run a "cookerized" (i.e. modified) distro? You shouldn't have any dependency problems with the Software Installer unless you've installed a buggy beta of URPMI. I have yet to run into a single dependency problem with the Mandrake 9.1 version of the Software Installer. I have, on the other hand, experienced "DLL hell" on Windows quite a few times (though admittedly not since Windows ME).

from memory figures show linux has about 0.3% market penetration

That figure is way inaccurate. It was spread by FUDders last year but has since been proven an utter lie. Linux penetration is more into the 3-5% range (still low, but climbing).

as for the Linux marketshare growing, its only growing in the Server side of things

Inaccurate. It's growing faster on the server side of things, but it's still growing on the desktop side (at an admittedly slower pace).

BTW I'm sick to death of this desktop crap aren't you?

Nobody's forcing you to participate in these discussions! ;-)