Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Thu 17th Jul 2003 18:34 UTC
Features, Office On July 15, 2003 the Scribus project had a milestone release. They released Scribus 1.0. I have used Scribus both personally and professionally since the early development times. 8.0 was when I first used it. 1.0 came with so many bug fixes and has become so refined I decided to do a review of it.
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Re: Bascule
by Roberto J Dohnert on Thu 17th Jul 2003 19:22 UTC

< It's not that I don't enjoy hearing about OSS alternatives to mature professional-level applications, but...

Wake me up when Scribus supports ICC profiles, Pantone colors, placing DCS, and can use Level 3 PostScript when printing to plotters...

I don't expect it will be long before people will be touting this program as being on-par with QuarkXPress in the same way that OSS zealots tout Ardour as being the same caliber of application as ProTools... >

You will never hear that type of response from a professional DT publisher. As I stated for what I do and what my employer does it is great. You sound like a professional, so no you probably wont switch to Scribus anytime soon. Anyone who is to tell me that Ardour is as good a ProTools will get nothing but a laugh out of me. I think thats funny. But, if you have Linux test the App, use it, join the mailing list and tell them what is missing. If you know how to code submit some of your ideas. That is the beauty of Open Source software, you do not need to know how to code. Do bug reports, submit ideas, help us make it better. No one on the mailing list is going to make you feel stupid, or call you silly. It will either be " Thats a coold idea lets work on it " or it will be " we dont know how to do that yet but lets work on it ". I remember when Mozilla was released, I couldnt even get the thing to execute, same with OpenOffice, when it was first released it was the buggiest peice of software out there. But now, those two are considered the shining stars of the Open Source Community.