Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Thu 17th Jul 2003 18:34 UTC
Features, Office On July 15, 2003 the Scribus project had a milestone release. They released Scribus 1.0. I have used Scribus both personally and professionally since the early development times. 8.0 was when I first used it. 1.0 came with so many bug fixes and has become so refined I decided to do a review of it.
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Re: Wake me up
by Rayiner Hashem on Thu 17th Jul 2003 21:11 UTC

Your comparison makes no sense. Scribus isn't even in the same league as Quark. Neither is Framemaker, or a number of other tools, but they still have a market because not everyone needs or can afford Quark. There are a large number of people who need DTP, for flyers and posters and handouts and whatnot, but don't need the power of Quark. Heck, my DTP needs are limted to the occasional handout. If Scribus means that I don't have to hunt down a machine with Publisher installed, yay for me.

On the Gimp vs Photoshop type debates, there is stupidity on both sides. There are people who dismiss OSS apps offhand (some because they get Photoshop free from kazaa) with no consideration to their actual needs and Gimp's actual capabilities. For example, its well known that Gimp is unsuitable for pre-press work. But there are lots of people who need a photo-editor that don't come anywhere near hardcopy. For people like 3D artists that need a texture editor, Gimp can be a perfectly wonderful Photoshop replacement. In the Film industry, Cinepaint (Film Gimp) is sometimes used because films have no need for prepress capabilities. On the other hand, there are OSS people who give people a hard time about how they could possibly want to use Photoshop when there is Gimp available.