Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Thu 17th Jul 2003 18:34 UTC
Features, Office On July 15, 2003 the Scribus project had a milestone release. They released Scribus 1.0. I have used Scribus both personally and professionally since the early development times. 8.0 was when I first used it. 1.0 came with so many bug fixes and has become so refined I decided to do a review of it.
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RE: Bascule (IP:
by CooCooCaChoo on Thu 17th Jul 2003 23:28 UTC

Unfortunately (IIRC) XFree86 doesn't support Type3. If you were to run it on Solaris, which supports Postscript type3 fonts, Scribus would be able to run but only users on Solaris would be able to use that feature.

Regards to the "product", it looks very professional and it appears the developer as taken the time and effort to implement a good UI, which alot of Free Software lacks.