Linked by Roberto J. Dohnert on Thu 17th Jul 2003 18:34 UTC
Features, Office On July 15, 2003 the Scribus project had a milestone release. They released Scribus 1.0. I have used Scribus both personally and professionally since the early development times. 8.0 was when I first used it. 1.0 came with so many bug fixes and has become so refined I decided to do a review of it.
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RE: Just plai, not better...
by ELQ on Fri 18th Jul 2003 01:41 UTC

While I agree with you that software is not as fast as it used to be back in the day (developers don't care optimizing as much anymore, as the hardware is now plenty fast), it is not Scribus fault that it might have this or that slowness. Scribus is not a talking to XLib directly, it is using KDE libs and it is using Qt. Same goes for the Gnome apps, they use GTK, GDK and a whole slew of other libraries. All the new software is not fully optimized as it used to be 10 years ago as it doesn't matter as much anymore to most people, so the slowness is built up upon, library upon library etc. See GTK+ 2.x for example, it is many times slower than GTK+ 1.x, and is making Gnome looking below par when compared to any other DE, because of all these ugly and slow redraws of GTK+. But hey, what can you do? I filed a bug report and all I got back from Owen Taylor and Havoc was "It is good enough, it works well on my 1.1 GHz box".