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Features, Office On July 15, 2003 the Scribus project had a milestone release. They released Scribus 1.0. I have used Scribus both personally and professionally since the early development times. 8.0 was when I first used it. 1.0 came with so many bug fixes and has become so refined I decided to do a review of it.
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not 0 to 1, but 0% to 100%
by raindog on Sat 19th Jul 2003 20:03 UTC

Geez, every time a free software app that reaches a previously untouched market hits 1.0 we hear the same line of crap coming from both sides.

"Now everyone can throw out ExpensiveVerticalApp! The game is ours!"

"Only if you're a total n00b! NewFreeApp is completely worthless!"

In fact, I bet Scribus could presently be used by maybe 5% to 10% of shops that are using Quark or Indesign presently to do stuff. I attribute that to the fact that sometimes companies tend to buy software they don't actually need, rather than Scribus' innate capability at this stage in its development.

But of course Mozilla, the Gimp and OpenOffice were all at the 5% to 10% stage at one point in their existence, and while there are certainly trolls who would like to tell you that those apps never got much further than 5% to 10% ("My porn site won't work in Moz! That means no one could ever use Moz as their primary browser!"), the truth is that they have, and Scribus probably will eventually too.

Finally, don't forget that the target isn't even 100% equivalence, but maybe 50-60%, to be a threat to the proprietary app it's trying to displace. MS regards Linux and OpenOffice as threats even while their actual use is way less than 5% presently, and Adobe and Quark's markets are that much more vertical and thus vulnerable. Every 2 or 3 sales Adobe loses to the Gimp because some corporate user just wants to knock off some web graphics is a thousand dollars less in revenue, and Quark's margins are that much higher. Scribus, at very least, will set the cats among the pigeons.