Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 10th Oct 2001 16:20 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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Last Torvalds interview I'll read
by Jeff on Wed 10th Oct 2001 18:52 UTC

Wow, what a let down. I mean Torvalds is not obliged to do or be anything other than a kernel coder, to each his own. But the linux community isn't obliged to consider Torvolds a guiding light personality either, and after that interview I doubt anyone will. It's one thing to be an eccentric programmer whose unconcerned with mundane matters like marketing, but it seemed like he was purposefully being an jerk. Like the part about other OS's, he says he doesn't care about them, doesn't know anything about what they're doing, then says something like "anyway, they're not doing anything interesting." How does he know, I thought he didn't care. Obviously he does care, and all the blather about "I don't care" must have just been added for effect. Next time I see a headline with Torvalds name in it, I'll say to myself "who cares."