Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 10th Oct 2001 16:20 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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by neoteric on Wed 10th Oct 2001 19:34 UTC

Didn't Linus originally study Minix to form his version of Unix on the PC? Wouldn't that be seen as "attention to other OS/s". What is there in Windoze that is so good and we are missing in Linux so much? Don't take this the wrong way, I use Windows every day and each OS is useful to me, so I'm not starting a huge debate over which OS is best, but the last post was a bit lame ;) You get flames from Windows users and Linux users if you post in the wrong places, and especially if you say the wrong things.