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Syllable, AtheOS Bill Hayden did the obvious: He forked AtheOS (which is technically similar to BeOS) and used its app_server and Interface Kit (without the use of X11) and rest of its kits on top of the 2.4.x Linux kernel. While the AtheOS kernel has some very nice features, by being modular, semi-microkernel, with good preemptive/multithreading support etc., it lacks a solid VM and swap support and of course, it lacks a good driver support, things that the Linux kernel provides. Bill Hayden accounced his fork on the AtheOS mailing list and made known that the "Atheos API has been merged with the BeOS API, there is PowerPC support, gcc 3.0.X compatiblity and OpenTracker/Deskbar as the desktop manager".
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this is great!!!!
by Jeremy on Tue 26th Mar 2002 21:29 UTC

now all thoseEarly Linux adopters who did it becasue it was new will come over to this to do the same. this time though, we will have a diffrent window server. well, if you ask me, I think that would be great!!! I wonder what he picked. berlin? what else is there? did he pick AtheOSs window server? what about video drivers? does Xf86 release specs that they have for hardware so that others can impliment a driver for the same hardware on another windowing system?

perhaps gobe will come back over!! what about File Systems? are they developing a BFS-ish one? or are they goign to stick with Reiser as it moves toward that goal?

wooo I can't wait to ge this on my PC!!!even is the windowing system does not work right away we still have all the great GNU tools to use in the comand prompt!!!