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Syllable, AtheOS Bill Hayden did the obvious: He forked AtheOS (which is technically similar to BeOS) and used its app_server and Interface Kit (without the use of X11) and rest of its kits on top of the 2.4.x Linux kernel. While the AtheOS kernel has some very nice features, by being modular, semi-microkernel, with good preemptive/multithreading support etc., it lacks a solid VM and swap support and of course, it lacks a good driver support, things that the Linux kernel provides. Bill Hayden accounced his fork on the AtheOS mailing list and made known that the "Atheos API has been merged with the BeOS API, there is PowerPC support, gcc 3.0.X compatiblity and OpenTracker/Deskbar as the desktop manager".
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I had forgot about Qube
by Marques on Wed 27th Mar 2002 01:29 UTC

I was going through the mail list and found this Hayden's reply:

> Everyone agrees that XWindows needs to die, but no one has put forth a
>worthy replacement... yet. :-)
>Um, yeah. It's called Qube.
It does look very slick. However, it has one fatal flaw: it's not
open-source. If I just wanted "pretty", I would use MacOS X or QNX.

Bill Hayden

Osnews has three stories about Qube:">Qube , 2001-11-24">Qube , 2001-10-07">Enter , 2001-08-30

Available for Linux, I remember trying it sometime ago and thinking it needed more time, gonna' try it again:">This

These are the install instrucctions:
1.) Copy the whole direcory QubeLin to your root
directory / in Linux operating system.

2.) Set the resolotion in file /QubeLin/system/regs/xsystem.reg
in section [screen]. This resolution must be the same as your
XWindow system has. For this settings are neccesarry to set
values for width, height and depth.

3.) Copy file from directory /QubeLin/lib to your /usr/lib
directory in your Linux. Create the link to directory /usr/lib that will link to file
at the same directory previously copied there.

4.) Then you can run XWindow mode by using xinit call application

Qube under Linux doesn't look to me like an X independent graphical enviroment, it uses X. But I wouldn't contradict Bill Hayden on this, anyone?