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Syllable, AtheOS Bill Hayden did the obvious: He forked AtheOS (which is technically similar to BeOS) and used its app_server and Interface Kit (without the use of X11) and rest of its kits on top of the 2.4.x Linux kernel. While the AtheOS kernel has some very nice features, by being modular, semi-microkernel, with good preemptive/multithreading support etc., it lacks a solid VM and swap support and of course, it lacks a good driver support, things that the Linux kernel provides. Bill Hayden accounced his fork on the AtheOS mailing list and made known that the "Atheos API has been merged with the BeOS API, there is PowerPC support, gcc 3.0.X compatiblity and OpenTracker/Deskbar as the desktop manager".
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Isn't it all about having fun?
by citizen428 on Wed 27th Mar 2002 09:57 UTC

Actually I don't really see Bill's project as an AtheOS fork. It's more or less a new Linux distro.

Using AtheOS for some month now, I was a little "shocked" about a fork this early in it's development. But after some time reading the AtheOS developer ML I calmed down. Seems that a lot of people who are into AtheOS are in there for the right reason. The just want a nice well designed OS to play around as a hobby. They (and me) are in there for the fun mostly, and not for creating a Windows killer. And as AtheOS is GPL'ed a fork was to come sometime. It was discussed before Bill's announcement a few times IIRC.

As for Bill's project, I guess it has it's ups and downs for AtheOS itself. No need to discuss them here, mostly all of them were mentioned on the ML yesterday. Personnaly, I couldn't care less. I got interessted in AtheOS because of it's design and kernel, so I'll stick with it. I knew about Kurt's attitude when I started using it and never bothered. It's just something fun to play with in my free time.

Whatever Bill wishes to achieve with his "fork" I wish him good luck as long as he is in there for the fun. I think it's more interessting to the Linux/BeOS folks than to the people actually interessted in AtheOS.

I don't really need an desktop replacement, I use both Windows XP (mostly gaming) and Debian and both to their job well for me. AtheOS and Free Software in general is something I do for fun (hm, looks like I get repetetive ;-). Seems like a lot of people these days are more in there to create the "best-OS-of-all-time". But for me it's just no fun to flame about kernel X does task Y better dann kernel Z (as long as everybody uses VIM, of course ;-).

So use whatever you please, don't flame other's for using what they like (even Windwos ;-) and start having some fun.

Just my 2 Cents,