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Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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Re: OS wars (if you want...)
by Mr. J on Wed 10th Oct 2001 22:07 UTC

Dear Mr B, I strongly disagree with your treatment of BSD developers. Can you point out any real BSD developer, who ever tell Linux off? I can't (except some whom I don't want to name). Because *BSD operating systems wanted to be good, and their developer wanted to have a consistent, highly usable system. They wanted to compare their code and operating system in a fair way. They only wants to have their copyright on the product. They can admit, like Matt Dillon did, that Linux has better on some points, Solaris is better on some other. They do their bests to improve their systems. I have heard somewhere not much time ago: "Linux lovers hate Windows, BSD lovers like UNIX". This come from the vision that Linux has to beat the Windows, and suggesting the market, and several Linux distribution creator. I think it is nonsense. Windows can't be beaten on the desktop platform until you get device driver for you Windows-beating-Operating system off the shelves for any exotic device driver. And installation of such a hardware is not more than few click or reboot. It does not make sense for desktop platform , if you don't have to reboot. Even does not make sense if the preformance is better than Windows. Only simplicity makes sense. I think, If somebody likes a certain operating system is not a problem. If he or she is bigot of a certain operating system that is problem. Linus in his interview seems to be bigoted to Linux, because he does not care about the other operating systems. He at least has to care about the trends of the operating systems and the technical trends. And probably he does. Biggest problem of the Linux is, that Linux is just a kernel. The operating system is missing. The consistency is missing. Ask a company, that is developing for Linux. They hate Limux, because it is so diverse. If they develop for RedHat, they probably not work under Suse, but certainly not under Caldera or Debian. There are incombatibilities in version of certain Linux distribution. Recently I spoke to a company, who is develoing in large volume for Linux. They are planning to develop their own distribution, because they cannot afford (they have a lot of money!) support more than 1-2 distribution. But with their distribution it is easier. They sell with their hardware bundled. And they can provide better support. The Linux market is scattered, like Unix market was scattered in 8-15 years ago. Personnaly I like several operating systems, and I developed for more than 8 and I am currently developing for more than 3 operating system and also dealing with 3 other. I know some of their strong and weak points. I always use that is necessary. However my current favorites are: FreeBSD and Solaris. By the way I can admint certain developer's "childish zealotry" because they have an integrated system... Regards, Mr.J