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Syllable, AtheOS Bill Hayden did the obvious: He forked AtheOS (which is technically similar to BeOS) and used its app_server and Interface Kit (without the use of X11) and rest of its kits on top of the 2.4.x Linux kernel. While the AtheOS kernel has some very nice features, by being modular, semi-microkernel, with good preemptive/multithreading support etc., it lacks a solid VM and swap support and of course, it lacks a good driver support, things that the Linux kernel provides. Bill Hayden accounced his fork on the AtheOS mailing list and made known that the "Atheos API has been merged with the BeOS API, there is PowerPC support, gcc 3.0.X compatiblity and OpenTracker/Deskbar as the desktop manager".
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RE: Only two more
by Camel on Thu 28th Mar 2002 18:21 UTC

Well, I can help with one of those.

I just wanted to comment on a couple of things. First of all this statement regarding X:

"...incapable of displaying antialiased fonts properly in the year 2002."

I can display antialiased fonts, but I hardly think that's a good measuring stick of an OS.

Finally, I have only used BeOS a couple of times. I have to agree with BakaSmack though, it has one of the ugliest interfaces available. QNX is similar, but much better in my opinion.

I also found the same thing that BakaSmack found with BeOS; no apps.

I think he/she asked some good questions. There was an obvious liking for X, and some negative feeling towards BeOS, but he/she did ask for information. Since the posters after that just jumped down BakaSmack's throat with, "stick with X then you bastard! You'll never understand this!", and, "Linux sucks!", I would like to ask the more sane people of this group, for my sake, to explain to me why this is so cool.

I mean, BeOS supposedly had an awesome threading model and a killer filesystem. If you simply plug a BeOS-ish windowing system on top of Linux (which a lot of you think sucks apparently), and there are no apps for it, then why on Earth is that so great?