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Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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This is something to worry about
by ZoranC on Thu 11th Oct 2001 04:02 UTC

I have read several recent interviews with Linus and time after time after time I see one and just one thing consistently coming accross: Linus allowed his ego to start controlling him and it is getting exponentialy worse as time passes by. Either that or he is not good at expressing what he really meant by what he said. If I am correct though, and he continues like that we should worry about future of Linux, because I see all signs of a project leader that is getting out of control and is starting to endanger project long term wise. World is full of ex-primadonas that got ruined by their ego. Wise person should notice that emphasis is on word EX and resist going down that path. It will be interesting to watch what will happen. Either Linus will wise up or he is going to contribute to his own demise. It would not be good for anyone (except Microsoft) if second one happens. Even if it does, I hope that will not mean demise of Linux too.