Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 10th Oct 2001 16:20 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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by penguinhead on Thu 11th Oct 2001 06:21 UTC

I have been using (debian) linux since 1998 and have followed user as well as kernel level development very closely and this has to be the most stupid and boering interview by linus or anyone i have read matt dillion's interview was just great i think if linus wants to pose as a technical hacker not caring about marketing and other crap should atleast talk about exiting things needed in the future kernel as to attract more programmers if not users but the *not caring about anything* attitude will only make me consentrate on my *BSD workstations. linux is a great OS but the BSD's are not behind and now the linux evanglist's can no longer talk about windows unstabality I think it only makes sense to see the market and what others are doing in order to get a good system .