Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:27 UTC
Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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This Is a BIG Update
by Daniel Miller on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:59 UTC

I haven't been able to download 1.4 myself yet (56k line, waiting for password etc.) however I have been reading the forums and the mailing lists and 1.4 is getting pretty good marks all the way around. Some people report that this or that third party app is not working now, but the vast majority are very much impressed with increased performance and the new features. Here is a informal list of new features by Pegasos user mahen:

- installer
- JIT compiler "Trance"
- Turboprint integrated
- USB integrated
- Radeon DVI & overlay (except for 8500)
- 3d for Voodoo3 & 4
- Warp3D emulation
- support for graphic tablets
- S/PDIF output
- sound datatypes
- Kaya (mp3/ogg sound player)
- calculator
- taskmanager
- ambient panels/lasso/shortcuts
- dock manager
- new fonts & skins
- more mprefs
- on the fly skin change
- boot without connected ps2 mouse
- keyboard reboot
- zoom
- gradients
- and more...
- PNG buttons
- Blending
- Autoscroll
- Individual skins for each screen
- some enhanced/additional prefs etc

The screenshots look great too. You can see them here:

People seem to be saying that MorphOS 1.4 is much faster with the apps they like and need to use.