Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:27 UTC
Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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MorphOS: An illustration of OSS' downfall
by Poptart on Mon 11th Aug 2003 10:15 UTC

MorphOS is a perfect example of why OSS will never be able to compete with Microsoft.
It is because instead of creating something innovative or contributing to a project we have this mass of amateur programmers who decide they want to spend their time reinventing the wheel.
As a programmer I can see the appeal of writing something that isn't going to require much effort beyond the pure coding. Even I in fact have been guilty of writing an irc client when there are already so many great irc clients out there like mirc and pirch.
For a while I didn't feel this was something to be held against open source developers. They of course owe the users nothing and have no contract or obligation to the users of their software. However I am starting to wonder if the choice of creating 100s of redundant projects reflects on the creative skill of these amateur programmers.
Perhaps they simply lack the creativity or ideas to implement something truly new?
Think about this -- what are the most popular OSS projects? Probably the linux kernel, apache, and mozilla. All of these projects are completely derivitive of other propietary software. Even mozilla which I do agree is superior to IE stole nearly all of its ideas from Opera.
How can we run around deriding Microsoft for lack of innovation or stealing ideas from Apple and other companies while the OSS developers who we so admire take nearly EVERY idea for their software from a previous implementation of the said project?
And how can OSS ever compete with Microsoft, Apple, et cetera when it is by its very nature behind the curve? So long as OSS aims to only copy and not to innovate it simply will not be able to get a leg up on propietary software.

Thanks for reading.