Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:27 UTC
Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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by Uncle Sam on Mon 11th Aug 2003 10:28 UTC

Maybe you get some background knowledge before shouting out such things.

a) MorphOS is NOT opensource
b) MorphOS was created in the means of the old AmigaOS which was invented around 1984 which has nearly 20 years on it's back during evolution. Sure MorphOS is written from scratch to fill the gap that AmigaOS has left (hardware banging parts, no hal, not portable, assembler parts). MorphOS is what AmigaOS should always been. Modern, less of mistakes that has been done in AmigaOS, innovation, modern, fast, compatoble to older Amiga software (as long they don't nail the hardware). With a fabolous future.

These so called hobbyhackers are not much differently than Billy boy Gates who started his company with some geeks in his parents garage. Same as Jay Miner who begged other people for money to help him creating the Amiga, the same people like Linus Torvalds who invented the Linux Kernel. At least the same people who need to eat, shit, sleep as we all are.