Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:27 UTC
Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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by JSplice on Mon 11th Aug 2003 13:20 UTC

Regardless, innovation is what is needed to compete with Microsoft. Especially in the GUI department. There needs to be a radically different GUI to get away from the start menu/taskbar crap that every GUI has tried to clone (KDE, Gnome, etc.). The problem here is that so many people are used to this interface, that putting a different style of GUI on an OS such as Linux would make it hard to attract users. If Bill Gates decides to change the GUI for windows, ppl may be pissed off at first, but since windows is what it used the most, they would have no choice but to get used to the GUI. Now if people want to try linux with a new GUI, they would think "this is's not what I'm used to and it can't run my apps". So this is the problem. It really takes a genious to be extremely innovative.