Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 10th Aug 2003 12:27 UTC
Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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re: Innovation
by mdma on Mon 11th Aug 2003 13:27 UTC

"Regardless, innovation is what is needed to compete with Microsoft."

MorphOS isn't trying to compete with Microsoft. The only real competitor it has is Amiga Inc with AmigaOS4, and that hasn't been released yet. So, it has no competition at all at the moment.

"Especially in the GUI department. There needs to be a radically different GUI to get away from the start menu/taskbar crap that every GUI has tried to clone (KDE, Gnome, etc.)."

MorphOS uses more or less the same GUI us Amiga users have been using since 1984, with a few enhancements. It couldn't really be much more "radically" different than the MS Windows GUI.