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Morphos MorphZone reports that MorphOS 1.4 is now available via FTP.
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Re: Poptart & Sun Lee
by infwis on Mon 11th Aug 2003 19:38 UTC


what the f**** are you trying to say, do you even have a point ?. First you make some wild statements concerning morphos and OSS in general-and the linux kernel, mozilla and apache in particular.

Morphos is not OSS. It is propietary.

your rejoinder that you meant to post this too the REACTOS thread is utter frigging nonsense. If it were so you would not have written about Morphos. Gawd you are pathetic- you spew shite and then pretend it was a case of mistaken posting. Whatever.

The linux kernel, mozilla and apache are not based on propietary software. Each of these are OSS projects. There are various commercial implementations of these technologies-but the projects are OSS.

Your statements must lead to the conclusion that you have not even a remote understanding of what you're talking about, and without such you are not even capable of forming an opinion. So what is disguised here as an opinion is nothing other than proffesional trolling- as if OSNEWS has not had enough of that recently with topspeed et al.

Don't bother replying, your inane comments preclude me from reading anythin with your sig(or ip addr.)

Sun Lee,

what f**** does this have to do with Morphos ?

Schwarzenegger is Austrian in case you don't know the difference between Austrian and Australia, one is a small country to the south of Germany, where various dialects of German are spoken, and the other is a continent, not much smaller than the US, where English is spoken.

As pertains to Morphos

The screenshots look good. I wish I had a Genesi/Pegasos board. Moreover I hope that the developers will eventually make Morphos an OSS project- enabling them to draw the large number of developers -they will need to get this OS up to the point of being comparbale with any other OS made in the past 10 years. I wish them the best of luck, but being propietary they will surely drag in terms of development time. Unless a product is offered, based on Morphos, which is a complete PC system, at a reasonable price, with a distinct advantage over Win/OSX/Linux, they will have a hell of a time getting enough developers to make Morphos a trully viable OS. Lacking such basic things as a TCP/IP stack, and lacking good drivers(propietary) for modern graphics and sound cards they will not be able to draw potential professional developers away from the Win/OSX world and their politics will discourage volunteer developers who work in the OSS world.