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Original OSNews Interviews Today we have a special guest in the series of interviews we conducting here at OSNews. Linus Torvalds, the well known Linux founder, is with us to discuss everything about the kernel, Microsoft, the naming of GNU/Linux and the future. Read on!
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Bah. zero vision, zero future.
by mario on Thu 11th Oct 2001 15:22 UTC

Even though he's my connational, I am disappointed. And frankly, I don't see a future for Linux. Linux is going nowhere. Adopting NUMA? That's old news. Having real plug-and-play? That's old news (look at BeOS or MacOS - oh, right, you don't look around). And even though I use Linux for development, I realized it's just another UNIX. I could as well use Unixware, Solaris for Intel or *BSD. Same thing. I really don't see Linux being relevant, in 5 years from now. With such a spearhead, it won't ever make it to the masses, and it's equally worrying that it's only doing catch-up to the other server OS. Well, we are in a recession. If Linux doesn't make good inroads in the server market, it never will.