Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 20th Aug 2003 18:44 UTC, submitted by Kelly Samel
Morphos This is a review of the recently released version 1.4 of MorphOS running on the Pegasos computer system written by Kelly Samel of Emerald Imaging.
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Pricings calculated over 1 year of usage.
by - GALAXY - on Wed 20th Aug 2003 19:47 UTC

The Pegasos 1 is not available for buyers anymore because of the buggy northbridge (ArticiaS) which doesn't perform very well. Genesi don't plan to produce and sell any Pegasos 1 systems anymore. Thus they concentrate on the Pegasos 2 which should be available in a few months including a different Northbridge based upon the Marvell chip.

The prices have been published already:

Pegasos 2 G3 = 299 Euro
Pegasos 2 G4 = 499 Euro

Please note you don't pay that money for the OS you pay the money for the Hardware + OS and you are able to run Linux and various other Operating Systems on it. While you still belive the price is too high compared to the cheap PC alternatives I must tell you that your thoughts are only half true.

The entire Pegasos System including CPU, Harddisk eats around 20 - 30 Watts. That's 1/4 of what an Pentium or AMD CPU on it's own eat. If you now count the money you save over one year of usage then you figure out that the Hardware is not that expensive as initially assumed.

After 2 years of running the Hardware you save quite some more. You can then spent the saved money to buy a new Flatscreen or update to an even newer Pegasos system.