Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 20th Aug 2003 18:44 UTC, submitted by Kelly Samel
Morphos This is a review of the recently released version 1.4 of MorphOS running on the Pegasos computer system written by Kelly Samel of Emerald Imaging.
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RE: Pricings calculated ...
by Seehund on Wed 20th Aug 2003 21:12 UTC


> BUT I believe that if they offered the OS standalone for say
> ~$60US they could grow a fair userbase amongst those of us
> who have used (and loved) amigas in the past.

> Although if they offer it for Mac hardware I can assure them
> that I'd buy it. ;)

Genesi seems to focus on selling their hardware, with MorphOS as a preinstalled "bonus". Kinda like playing the Apple game, but with a cheaper price and more geek/enthusiast/multi-OS oriented.

I too think there are quite a number of people like you around, prepared to re-enter the Amiga(-ish) realm.

Things don't look too good though.
Genesi is focused on the Pegasos, like Apple is focused on selling Macs. I gotta say that I think the Pegasos (and what's been announced about its successor Pegasos II) is competitive to Macs.
There's always AmigaOS4, whenever that's available, but even though there won't be any more Amiga hardware, and Amiga, Inc. in no way is comparable to Genesi/Apple, you'll only be allowed to buy and run AmigaOS when it's bundled with third party hardware (currently the Teron PX, a.k.a. the $800 "AmigaOne") from dealers (well, Eyetech) who have bought a meaningless "Amiga" trademark license. See the site linked from my nick for more on that.