Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 20th Aug 2003 18:44 UTC, submitted by Kelly Samel
Morphos This is a review of the recently released version 1.4 of MorphOS running on the Pegasos computer system written by Kelly Samel of Emerald Imaging.
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By that argument Linux would also be would AMD, VIA and transmeta CPUs. Guess what - they're not.

The legal argument is nothing more then FUD (can you say SCO?), they even threatened to sue a year ago - we're still waiting...

However, You seem to misunderstand copyright law.
Even if the AmigaOS structure was copyrighted it can still be legally re-implemented since copyright only applies to the original implementation.

They've gone out and cloned the AmigaOS

No, they've created a different system in a "box" on a different CPU architecture which includes AmigaOS API compatibility, this is quite different from a clone which would be an exact copy.

The lower levels of MorphOS are very different and much more modern in design.

So yes, MorphOS can be sold perfectly legally.