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Morphos This is a review of the recently released version 1.4 of MorphOS running on the Pegasos computer system written by Kelly Samel of Emerald Imaging.
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Re: Clean room
by Don Cox on Thu 21st Aug 2003 19:43 UTC

"I would simply read the following:"

Yes indeed. This paragraph

"There were *3* books by Dr. Ruprecht with CBM DE blessing which contain a *full documented* resource of most OS 1.3 parts. Most OS structures are public or *were* public. I have all RKMs from 1.1 to 3.1 anyway..not to speak about the Gurubook and all informations CBM ever released to developers.
The whole OS is quite transparent to the *experienced* developers."

confirms what I say. They know far too much about the actual Amiga OS code to make a clean room copy.

But does it matter? The likelihood of Amiga Inc taking it to court is very small, and even then, a court case is a lottery because the lawyers have so little technical knowledge. You may as well toss a coin.

I think the MorphOS team should just carry on doing what they are doing, making a successful successor to AmigaOS, and completely ignore the other side. There's plenty of room in the world for several Amiga-style OSes, just as there is for several UNIX-style OSes.