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Debian and its clones Debian is not quite like any other distro out there. If bigger is better, then Debian wins hands down. Aside from having the largest collection of free software packages, Debian also runs on 11 platforms. But there is more to Debian than just size. Travel writer and recent Debian convert Robert Storey tackles the whole installation procedure head on and gives his report.
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re. Question for Debian users ...
by johnG on Wed 3rd Sep 2003 23:53 UTC

> are these three seperate [sic] ISOs that you download

I think many folks download one or two Woody ISO's, install a fairly minimal Woody (which is all you could do with a Woody ISO), then install the rest (possibly upgrading to Sid) off the net. ... Although I have seen Sid CD sets for sale (for example, at Abexia).