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Debian and its clones Debian is not quite like any other distro out there. If bigger is better, then Debian wins hands down. Aside from having the largest collection of free software packages, Debian also runs on 11 platforms. But there is more to Debian than just size. Travel writer and recent Debian convert Robert Storey tackles the whole installation procedure head on and gives his report.
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Another Debian Convert
by Glenn Thigpen on Thu 4th Sep 2003 02:28 UTC

I was converted to Debian some few years ago. I started out with Slackware and tried a RedHat install, but somehow just the name Debian beckoned me. I did have some difficulty with my first couple of installations. I think that was back with the 1.2 release.
I have installed Mandrake, Lycorix, Suse, (and shudder, even Caldera) , and a few others since just to check them out and answer a few questions for a brother whom I am trying to corrupt er convert to Linux.
But I just enjoy the nuts and bolts approach to Debian. I enjoy setting up my desktop just the way I like it. I have sort of settled on Icewm as my desktop of choice, but play around with gnome and KDE to keep up with what they are doing. And they do have some nice features.
Debian is not for everyone, especially the typical newbie from the mswindows side. I guess that it just fulfills my need to feel (maybe delusionally so) that I am in control of my computer.