Linked by Mike Hearn on Wed 3rd Sep 2003 21:10 UTC
Linux I wrote an article a while ago on Linux packaging and Autopackage. There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in it so we got version 0.3 released today.
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by Bharat on Thu 4th Sep 2003 03:45 UTC

Ok really wishful thinking but will there be some sort of mass convertor from another package formatter to this?

Its probably unneccessary, but what i mean is there are so many repositories out there for deb/rpm etc. If autopackager could say download these and install them too good, i can just imagine me using Mandrake and yet taking full advantage of debian's repositories.

On the other hand that probably may be difficult. But if there was a tool that could convert debs to package, then all the repository admins could just convert their repositories into the requisite format rather rebuilding packages by hand (ya i know u could script the whole damn thing, but wouldn' convert2package *.deb/rpm be simpler?). It wold save time and probably would make ppl more eagerfor this format.

Especially since (correct me if i am wrong), basically rpms debs are a compressed set of files with some additional information right? So such a conversion tool wouldn't have to do that much work would it?

Also when his thing is ready is there any way to get this pushed as a standard packager like in LSB compliance? But i guess if its good enough it will become popular and that way it would become a standard.

Plus i think the biggest advantage of autopackager would be that every distro needn't maintain its own personal set of packages for every application. Will probably remove a lot of redundancy.

Also when someone is creating a new distro, he needn't create it based on a distro chiefly due to the available packages for that distro. He can focus on other things.

I know all this is kind opf vague, but i am getting the idea across right?