Linked by Mike Hearn on Wed 3rd Sep 2003 21:10 UTC
Linux I wrote an article a while ago on Linux packaging and Autopackage. There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in it so we got version 0.3 released today.
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Re: The problem with linux..... By bill ()
by jmf on Thu 4th Sep 2003 09:51 UTC

The problem with linux.....
The problem with you is that you don't use the right tool to install software. Installing software only with rpm, is just like compiling a software only with gcc.

For the second one, it's quite easier to do : $ make
For the first one, you must install and use yum

That doesn't mean that gcc is a bad compiler or rpm a bad software installer. They are some good critics against rpm
in the article of the author (espacillay rpms between various distros), but this one is a troll.

I agree it should be by default in the distro. It is in Mandrake (urpmi), and it will be in the next Redhat.