Linked by Mike Hearn on Wed 3rd Sep 2003 21:10 UTC
Linux I wrote an article a while ago on Linux packaging and Autopackage. There seemed to be quite a lot of interest in it so we got version 0.3 released today.
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What is the difference to redcarpet ?
by elmo on Thu 4th Sep 2003 10:09 UTC

I am using redcarpet to install *.rpm files and it works fine for me - what is the difference between autopackage and sth. like redcarpet, it seems to me that both do the same job, i.e install software and resolve dependencies with the difference that all the packages would have to be repackaged if you want to use autopackage - redcarpet can use .rpm and .deb ... unless autopackage can upgrade your distro like 'apt-get upgrade' and that distribution independent - that would be awsome.