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Debian and its clones Debian is not quite like any other distro out there. If bigger is better, then Debian wins hands down. Aside from having the largest collection of free software packages, Debian also runs on 11 platforms. But there is more to Debian than just size. Travel writer and recent Debian convert Robert Storey tackles the whole installation procedure head on and gives his report.
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by thekernel32 on Fri 5th Sep 2003 18:01 UTC

I've been a debian user for 5 years and I still found this article useful. He is very right about the default of a 2.2 kernel installation. It wasn't until last month that I figured out to type 'bf24'. I have also come to enjoy the installer more than any other installer. (some think I'm just sick) What I like about it is that it doesn't feel like theres any extra "stuff" in it. It gets right down to business and I get my system configured and up. I also didn't know how to configure X. I have always just read the X window system manual and configured things manually if the defaults didn't work. Take note: I wouldn't trade the experience of a manual X config for very many things, it's educational and valuable for finding out why the config program broke.

About debian being a little rough around the edges... I think that just makes it perfect for someone who has opinions about how they want their system to work. I know what I'm looking for, and I know how to make it happen. The biggest problem I had with other distros is their all-encompasing admin tools that try to be all things to all people. For goodness sake edit a config file and be done with it.

I guess to come to a point all I have to say is this: Debian is not for everyone, but for those that are willing to pay for it in blood, sweat, and tears the rewards are more than worth it in the end.