Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 15th Apr 2002 02:32 UTC
Gentoo We got Linux distributions for geeks (Debian), distros for businessmen (Red Hat), home users (Mandrake) and... Germans (SuSE :). However, there was never before a distribution specifically targetting developers and speed, both at the same time. Enter Gentoo Linux, the fastest loading, fastest-operating Linux distribution to date.
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Gentoo Review
by Froseph on Mon 15th Apr 2002 06:28 UTC

It's a good, decent review. I just installed it saturday night starting ~3am cus I was bored (what else would one do?). It's comming along nicely, and I'm just getting used to this after switching (read accidentally killing) debian. Although I havn't spent much time on it, I would say its a good and accurate review.