Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 15th Apr 2002 02:32 UTC
Gentoo We got Linux distributions for geeks (Debian), distros for businessmen (Red Hat), home users (Mandrake) and... Germans (SuSE :). However, there was never before a distribution specifically targetting developers and speed, both at the same time. Enter Gentoo Linux, the fastest loading, fastest-operating Linux distribution to date.
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Re: Question about upgrading
by Eugenia on Mon 15th Apr 2002 07:30 UTC

Existing Gentoo Linux users can upgrade to the most recent version of Gentoo Linux in-place without reinstalling. For example, to upgrade a Gentoo Linux 1.0 system to 1.1a, type:

# emerge rsync (that takes 1 sec)
# emerge sys-apps/portage (this takes 10 secs)
# emerge --update world (this may take some time, depending on how much stuff there is to be updated)

Then update your config files in /etc/. There are some files called ._conf0001.rc.conf or something similar (can't remember now exactly ;) . Spot the diffs between the two files, eg. the temporary /etc/._conf0001.rc.conf and your regular /etc/rc.conf and then if wished, apply the new changes to rc.conf, or simply overwrite the rc.conf with the temp one (however I recommend to spot the diffs and decide wisely, instead of just overwrite things).

Then, you are done.